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  1. Knife Fighting: What You Need to Know to Realistically Use and Defend Against a Blade

    Veteran martial arts instructor Paul Vunak cuts through the fantasy that's often taught as knife defense, then teaches you what actually works.
  2. Mark Anawski Puts Safety First in Taekwondo and Karate

    How one instructor ensures his students learn effective self-defense without sacrificing their physical health by training in substandard conditions.
  3. Everything You Need to Know About Combatives, Featuring Kelly McCann

    Meet Kelly McCann, the world's leading combatives instructor, and find out what he's doing to teach civilians the same self-defense skills that used to be reserved for the world's elite fighting forces.
  4. When Should Your Kids Start Martial Arts and Which Styles Are Safest for Them?

    Find out what this veteran martial artist has to say about kids doing shorinji kempo, judo, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, boxing, kickboxing, bare-knuckle karate and MMA!
  5. Southern Shaolin Temple: Searching for China’s Real Contribution to Karate, Part 4

    Read the conclusion to this fascinating journey of martial arts discovery that led from Okinawa to China and ended up at Nine Lotus Temple and Nine Dragons Temple!
  6. Karate Veteran Knows the Importance of Having a Strong Foundation

    Any martial arts instructor will tell you that advanced techniques are built on a foundation of basics. As David Younglove found out, ALL techniques require a solid foundation — in the form of quality dojo mats!
  7. Better Martial Arts Through Psychology: A Concise Guide to Improving Your Techniques

    Drilling will take you and your students a long way toward becoming better martial arts technicians, but it's not all you need. The psychological guidelines presented here are essential to efficient learning.
  8. Southern Shaolin Temple: Searching for China’s Real Contribution to Karate, Part 3

    Continuing their account of their martial arts research trip to Asia, the authors land in southern China and find that two facilities are vying for the name Southern Shaolin Temple.

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