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  1. Cynthia Rothrock: Best Advice for Beginners in the Martial Arts

    The Black Belt Hall of Famer tournament champ who became an international film star talks about choosing a school, competing in tournaments, finding a role model and never giving up.
  2. What Makes a Good Martial Arts Teacher and Why You Need to Find One

    Prospective martial arts students often ask, "Which art would be best for me?" Perhaps a better question is, "Which instructor would be best for me?"
  3. 10 Self-Defense Strategies Every Woman Needs to Know to Survive

    Veteran self-defense instructor and Black Belt Hall of Fame member Meredith Gold doles out essential advice for all who want to stay safe in public.
  4. Fumio Demura: Karate Master, Kobudo Weapons Expert, Black Belt Hall of Fame Member

    Here's a short article on the long career of the shito-ryu karate and kobudo legend, plus details on how you can learn from the master. See lots of historical pix and a few of his old Black Belt covers!
  5. How to Avoid Street Fights When You Can — and How to Win Street Fights When You Can’t Avoid Them!

    Wise martial artists train to survive a close encounter on the street. Proving the superiority of their style in a street fight is not their primary concern.
  6. 2016 Black Belt Gift Guide for That Special Martial Artist in Your Life!

    No matter how much you plan to spend, you'll find just what you need on this list. Buy for a loved one — or buy for yourself with your Christmas cash!
  7. Knife Fighting: What You Need to Know to Realistically Use and Defend Against a Blade

    Veteran martial arts instructor Paul Vunak cuts through the fantasy that's often taught as knife defense, then teaches you what actually works.
  8. Mark Anawski Puts Safety First in Taekwondo and Karate

    How one instructor ensures his students learn effective self-defense without sacrificing their physical health by training in substandard conditions.

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