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  1. Southern Shaolin Temple: Searching for China’s Real Contribution to Karate, Part 3

    Continuing their account of their martial arts research trip to Asia, the authors land in Southern China and find that two facilities are vying for the name Southern Shaolin Temple.
  2. Thomas LaPuppet: Remembering a Pioneer of American Karate and Fighter From the Legendary Tong Dojo

    Thomas LaPuppet had a long and impressive resume: U.S. Marine, New York firefighter, actor, bodyguard for Donald Trump, not to mention shotokan standout, international karate referee, Black Belt Hall of Famer and mentor to thousands of young martial artists.
  3. When to Make the First Move in Self-Defense: Hostage Situation

    Here's a must-know lesson that wouldn't fit in the October/November 2016 issue of Black Belt! Learn how to intervene when someone you know is being held hostage with a blade.
  4. Southern Shaolin Temple: Searching for China’s Real Contribution to Karate, Part 2

    Get ready for a short martial arts history lesson that encompasses China, Okinawa, the southern Shaolin Temple and, just possibly, the style of self-defense you practice!
  5. Learn the Most Important Martial Arts Lessons Bruce Lee Taught — From His Top Disciples! Part 5

    The details of Bruce Lee's jeet kune do have filled numerous books, leaving newcomers wondering where to begin. Here, Joe Lewis, Leo Fong, William Cheung and Burton Richardson share what matters most.
  6. World BJJ Champ Rafael Ellwanger Pioneered Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu’s Growth in the South, Credits Greatmats

    After sampling a variety of martial arts and martial arts mats, Rafael Ellwanger became a fan of Brazilian jiu-jitsu and Greatmats. Find out how he went from BJJ student to gym owner to federation founder, all while providing for the safety and comfort of his students.
  7. Martial Arts in the Olympics: Have the Games Changed Wrestling? Is There Hope for Pankration?

    Black Belt Hall of Famer Jim Arvanitis weighs in on the subject of pankration and the Olympics, while Black Belt contributing editor Mark Hatmaker looks at the evolution of wrestling and the Games.
  8. Karate in the Olympics: It’s Official! Get Ready for the 2020 Games in Tokyo

    Some people are upset whenever art becomes sport on a scale as grand as the Olympics. Others are pleased. In the case of karate, Black Belt Hall of Famer Tokey Hill is among those who are happy. Here's why.

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