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  1. How to Prepare to Defend Yourself Against Real Violence When You’ve Never Experienced It

    If you're a martial artist, chances are you already know the key to prepping your body and brain for self-defense on the street, but in case you don't, read this!
  2. Aikido Master Koichi Tohei Explains the Concept of Ki (Internal Energy)

    Journey back in time to 1962 and let Koichi Tohei, a student of Morihei Ueshiba and the man who would become Steven Seagal's aikido instructor, explain ki energy in terms anyone can understand.
  3. Best of the Best: Bill Wallace Picks the Top 10 Karate Fighters of the 20th Century

    You probably can guess some of the names on Superfoot's list — Joe Lewis, Chuck Norris, Mike Stone — but we doubt you can guess them all. Journey back in time to the era of karate tough!
  4. FMA 101: A Practical Primer on the Filipino Martial Arts

    Black Belt Hall of Famer Julius Melegrito can't teach you everything you need to know about FMA in one post, but he can give you a conceptual framework on which to build your skills.
  5. Donnie Yen: The Martial Artist Who Brought a Wing Chun Legend to Life in 3 Ip Man Movies

    The son of Black Belt Hall of Famer Bow Sim Mark, Donnie Yen has entertained millions with his martial arts. We go one-on-one with the film icon.
  6. Why Some Jujitsu Control Techniques Do Not Always Work — and How to Fix Them!

    Let Black Belt Hall of Famer/budoshin jujitsu master George Kirby show you three ways to use enhanced pain to make your control techniques more effective for self-defense.
  7. Enter the Mind of Master Ken, the Martial Artist Behind Enter the Dojo, Part 2

    Check out the second half of our chat with the very real Matt Page and the very made-up Master Ken, founder of the deadly martial art of ameri-do-te.
  8. Enter the Mind of Master Ken, the Martial Artist Behind Enter the Dojo, Part 1

    The comedic genius — and real-life martial artist — who lurks under the skin of Master Ken is Matt Page. This schizophrenic interview will introduce you to both of them.

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