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Leo Fong - The subtle power of nonresistance

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Submitted by: Leo T. Fong

Leo Fong teaching at his annual seminarLeo Fong teaching at his annual seminar for the University of Pennsylvania Kempo club.


Los Angeles is finally getting over with “Laker Mania” and is now focusing on the next NBA season. I am not an ardent basketball fan, but I do value the dynamics that make a player a superstar like Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan. I learn much from watching the likes of Kobe Bryant, LeBron James and Shaq O’Neal in relationship to my martial arts journey. I also appreciate the skills of players from other sports such as Reggie Bush the running back of the New Orleans Saints and various baseball pitchers; one thing I detect and a common denominator in their athletic proficiency, is their ability to remain focused in the heat of competition. The old adage “Grace under fire” runs true. During the play-offs Kobe Bryant did amazing feats on the basketball court. In one play, someone bumped him as he was about to shoot and on the way to the floor he shot anyway and amazingly the ball went straight into the basket before he fell to the floor. When the opposing team had two men to guard Kobe, the results were the same, he scored. Kobe was relaxed and he was focused. I believe that athletic and martial arts skills are determined by inner skills as well as outer skills. Those inner skills are complimented and enhanced by the ability to remain relaxed and focused in the heat of the battle. Once the basics have been mastered, the inner training begins. Inner training is a lifetime journey. Sharpening the mind, disciplining the emotions and opening up to the spirit is much more difficult than it seems. Famous Amos, the Chocolate Chip cookie mogul once said, “Life is an inside job!” In martial arts I don’t think it’s that important if “my fist is palm up or palm down”, if my foot is “pointed straight or slightly in” and etc and etc. It is not important if your art is called XYZ system or ABC style or the rank you hold; what is important is, “How much time do you devote to training?” “Will it work and does it build character and strengthen you from within?” The inner traits and inner skills will determine performance. If martial artists can devote as much time with inner development such as character, integrity, love, discipline, authtencity and etc. as well as “hand position, hip alignment and direction of the toes” they will reach a new level of proficiency. As Famous Amos said, “Life is an inside job!”



Arturo Gatti
Arturo Gatti

Former junior welterweight champion Arturo Gatti was found dead in his hotel room in the seaside resort town of Porto de Galihnas in Sao Paulo, Brazil, early Saturday, July 11, 2009. Gatti was known for his epic trilogy with Mickey Ward. The trilogy branded him as the most exciting fighter of his generation. Police were investigating and it was unclear how the 37-year-old boxer died. He was with his wife Amanda and 1-year old son.

Gatti was known for his straightforward punching and granite like chin. He captured the junior welterweight title from Tracy Patterson in 1995. His brawling, whirlwind style and natural charisma made him a fan favorite. Originally from Canada; Gatti’s memorable bouts on the Boardwalks of Atlantic City made him an adopted son of New Jersey. He continued to keep a home in New Jersey after his retirement in 2007 with a career record of 40-9 and 31 knockouts.


Alexis Arguello
Alexis Arguello


Alexis Arguello, considered the greatest athlete in Nicaragua’s history was found dead in his home in Managua, Nicaragua, with a gunshot wound to his chest, on July 1, 2009. Arguello, 57, won three world-boxing titles in the 80’s. His junior welterweight bout with Aaron Pryor in 1982 at the Orange Bowl in Miami was considered one of the greatest bouts of all time. Although this was one of Arguello’s most memorable fights, it ended in defeat. He was known for his precise boxing skills. He was considered a boxer-puncher. He had a deadly right cross, which he would set-up with a stinging left jab. His knockout of Kevin Rooney, in the late 70’s, who later became Mike Tyson’s trainer was frightening.

One of eight children of a shoemaker. He grew up on the streets of Managua’s poorest neighborhood in poverty so acute that when Arguello was 5 his father attempted suicide by jumping in an abandon well. Four years later his parents told him they could no longer afford to send him to school. So young Alexis ran away to work on a diary farm. Arguello attributes his toughness in the ring to the memory of his harsh social upbringing.

In recent years Arguello allied himself with the Sandinista party, becoming deputy mayor of Managua in 2004. He carried the Nicaraguan flag in the opening ceremony of the Olympic games in Beijing last summer, then winning election as mayor of Managua in November. Nine children survive him.


“BEYOND KUNG FU: BREAKING AN OPPONENT’S POWER THROUGH RELAXED TENSION” is now available in your local book stores and at Black Belt Communications, 24900 Anza Dr. Unit E, Valencia, CA 91355. (800) 423-2874. Leo Fong teaches readers how to use the subtle power of nonresistance. Through specific exercises, scenarios and sequences, author Leo Fong shows readers how to overcome any obstacles, from a thug on the street to one’s own insecurities. To achieve this state of calm in the face of adversity, Fong leads the reader through the four stages of combat evolution, which Bruce Lee described as developing, refining, dissolving and expressing your martial art. For Fong, this evolution is achieved through his vast knowledge as a martial artist and boxer. His experience gives him the confidence to use passive force to triumph in confrontations. Beyond Kung Fu explores how to distinguish between soft and hard styles, executes techniques with calm instead of anxiety, overcome your opponent by yielding to his force and develop Chi through weight training, as well as deep breathing exercises, technique drills, reading the body language and energy flow of your opponent, and analyzing the four stages of combat evolution in your own martial arts journey. It also addresses chi, meditative, and physical conditioning exercises and specific grappling, hitting and kicking attacks. The content of Beyond Kung Fu can be valuable information for facing some of life’s challenges. Leo Fong feels that “The opponent in the arena of competition is much easier to defeat than the one’s that come at us in the arena of life. How do you choke out depression? How do you punch out frustration? How do you kick in addiction? It takes more than physical skills to solve spiritual problems! How do you repair a bruised ego? ”


Harmony by Karate

Leo Fong with his Chi Fung class
Leo Fong with his Chi Fung class in Chatsworth, California. The classes are conducted at the Chatsworth West United Methodist Church in Chatsworth.

In March I had the privilege of returning to the Rebook Center in downtown Manhattan to be the guest teacher at Master John Mirrione’s Harmony By Karate School. This is my third trip to the “Big Apple” and again it was a refreshing experience to focus on simplicity and brevity. At the end of the two-hour session John had each attendee to write something about the session. All were positive and all said they took something with them from the seminar that would be of benefit to them in their journey. On the way back to California the experience of simplicity and brevity reminded me again that often “less is more and quality not quantity really counts.” The tone and ambience in the Harmony by Karate School was not something that just happen to happen, I have to give credit to Master Mirrione for his focus on simplicity and brevity, quality over quantity. This is why Harmony by Karate is not your ordinary run of the mill martial arts school.

Martinburg, W. VA - 2009

The seminar at The Otterbein United Methodist Church last week undoubtedly was one of the best in the nine years I have been going to Martinsburg. Attendance and attentiveness was great. Many of the attendees were from several different schools and systems; enjoyed the drills and emphasis on relaxed focus. Special appreciation to the Rev. Sensei Ken Fizer and Master Ted Hilson.

Leo Fong with his Chi Fung class
Leo Fong with his Chi Fung class at the San Fernando Japanese - American
Community Center in Arleta, California. A member of the Arleta Class was featured on Dr. Hansel’s Health Program on Diabetes on NBC television in 2008.

Chi Fung Classes in the San Fernando Valley

Chi Fung is an exercise program developed by Leo Fong after a serious injury to his shoulder and knee back in the early 90’s. When lifting heavy weights became painful to his joints, he began to experiment with light dumbbell movements based on Western exercise physiology and the concept of Qigong and Tai Chi.

Leo Fong teaching Chi Fung at a Seminar
Leo Fong teaching Chi Fung at a Seminar Sponsored
by Master Philip Ameris In New Kensington, PA in 2008

As he practiced on a daily basis the concept of relaxed-focus, deep breathing and visualization in sync with various circular movements, his shoulder and knee began to feel stronger and less painful. He also noticed the positive affect the program had on lowering blood pressure, blood sugar and stabilizing heart rhythm. After undergoing almost ten years of refinement; Leo Fong offered his program to the public. Now he has ten Chi Fung classes a week. Of the ten classes two are conducted at the Porter Ranch Medical Center, where health professionals are recommending those who may benefit from exercise to the Chi Fung program.

Upcoming Seminar: Long Island University - 2009

The next WEI KUEN DO/CHI FUNG seminar will be held in November at Long Island University. This will also be a certification seminar for those who wish to be certified to teach the Healing Power of Chi Fung, a program that has had a positive affect on the health of over 250 practitioners (mostly in their 80’s and 90’s) in the San Fernando Valley of the Los Angeles Area. Locations where Chi Fung Classes are conducted by founder Leo Fong is Tarzana, San Fernando, Reseda, Porter Ranch, Woodland Hills, Northridge and Arleta. For time and exact location call (818) 884-7337. For information on the November seminar contact Dr. Thomas Nardi at (845) 623-6400.

A DVD of Chi Fung is now available for $29.95 which includes priority mailing from

P.O. BOX 7
WOODLAND HILLS, CA 91365-0007.

Leo Fong with his Reseda, California Chi Fung class
Leo Fong with his Reseda, California Chi Fung class at the First United Methodist Church in Reseda, California.


Linda Bustamante and  WBB Founding Member Karen Shepard
Linda Bustamante and WBB Founding Member Karen Shepard

Linda Bustamante makes film debut in Leo Fong’s latest film HARD WAY HEROES. Bustamante native of Mission, Texas is a 2nd degree Black Belt in traditional Japanese Karate of Goju Ryu. She is a South Texas Champion in traditional, open-hand, musical weapons and team forms as well as a free fighting champion. In HARD WAY HEROES Roxie Adams (Bustamante) discovers an ad in a newspaper announcing an open audition for a feature movie. She responds to the ad and discovers it was for a porn movie production. Trapped by the bad guys; with the help of the HARD WAY HEROES (Leo Fong, Patrick Johnson and Hedo Davis) Adams fights her way to freedom. HARD WAY HEROES is also the first of a series of movies based on the three characters.

The leading villain is veteran actor MEL NOVAK who appeared in Bruce Lee’s “Game of Death”, Chuck Norris’ “Eye for an Eye”, Steve McQueen’s “Tom Horn” “Thunder Kick”, Leo Fong’s “Kill Factor” and over two dozen other action/adventure movies. He was also an outstanding professional baseball player before his film debut. Mel is a devoted Christian Minister who brings the “Good News” to those in prison and on skid row. HARD WAY HEROES is available on OCTOBER 1, 2009.

SKY DRAGON ENTERTAINMENT PRODUCTION in cooperation with WALK BY FAITH NOT BY CASH PRODUCTIONS will provide a venue for aspiring actors who seek a resume and a chance to perform without pay. If you are interested in developing your acting skills or technical skills, send your resume and head shot to:


P.O. BOX 7,

WOODLAND HILLS, CA 91365-0007.

For additional information for seminars, books and DVD’s contact Leo T. Fong at

About the writer: Leo Fong

Leo Fong was born in Canton, China. He migrated to the United States with his parents at the age of 5, and settled in Widener, Arkansas. He is a graduate of Forrest City, High School, Hendrix College - Conway, Arkansas, Southern Methodist University - Dallas Texas, and California State University - Sacramento, California. Among his teachers are: Angel Cabales, Bruce Lee, James Y. Lee, Chong Yuk Yong, Remy Presas, Low Bun, and T. Y. Wong. He has synthesized the various systems he learned into his own approach which he calls Wei Kuen Do - " The Way of the Integrated Fist ". He holds Black Belts in Tae Kwon Do, Karate, and Arnis. In 1996 Dillman's Karate Institute International honored him with a 10th Degree Black Belt. Leo Fong is a World Black Belt Living Legend.

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For two decades Bob Wall was a force on the tournament circuit placing 1st or 2nd in every major karate championship from 1965 to 1972. Mr. Wall was also a member of the legendary quintet of Chuck Norris, Mike Stone, Joe Lewis, and Skipper Mullins sweeping the world professional titles for 1970, 71, & 72.

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