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CharlAnne Pohnel moved to California from Hawaii July 14, 2006 with her husband, in order to be able to compete in Martial Arts Championships on a regular basis.

The expense of flying back and forth from Hawaii became very costly as well as being limited on how many events she could compete in. Since moving to California CharlAnne has racked up 3 Grand Championships, a 1st place and a 2nd place in the NBL Duel in the Desert.

CharlAnne is an accomplished weapons experts specializing in the Bo staff, Nunchaku and Kempo Sticks. After training in the Kempo system for about 24 years, CharlAnne started learning Tang Soo Do from her husband Ron Pohnel. She is currently rated #1 in her conference and #3 nationally in point sparring as well as a weapon and kata champion in both Kempo and Tang Soo Do.

In addition to being an accomplished Martial Artist, she earned her masters degree in Educational Administration. She also served as a 5th grade teacher, tech coordinator and finally a Vice Principal at Pearl City high school in Oahu.

She has achieved honors in Martial Arts as well as being crowned “Teacher of the Year” 1997 when she taught elementary school. As a tech coordinator she also learned about television production and how to edit media using the computer. CharlAnne became an accomplished producer/director for educational programming. Continuing up the educational ladder, as a Vice-Principle she was often called upon to be a speaker for the Vice-Principle’s training program.

In CharlAnne’s spare time she enjoys gardening in her backyard. She is an avid fan of the Home and Garden channel on cable; this is where she gets most of her tips about pruning the rose bushes, planting grass seed, and growing green onions. She’s often seen chasing rabbits, squirrels, and quail out of the yard because they continue to eat the grass and the grass seed.

What CharlAnne enjoys most of all is traveling to tournaments with her husband Ron. Charl and Ron are a true Martial Arts couple that continues to compete strictly for the thrill of competition and the love of martial arts and of course the ability to spend time together.

What is next for CharlAnne; the sky is the limit!dec06.13 charlanne02

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