Submitted by: Charlie Poe

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Usually when we talk about the young guns of karate we are talking about guys like Alexander Biamonti, or George Kotaka but there is a young lady and we do mean lady who is undoubtedly one of the young guns of the karate world. Her name is Elisa Au.sept06.20 risingstar01

Elisa in her mid 20’s is the most decorated world champion’s to come out of Hawaii. With not one or two but three gold medals in the World Karate Federations Championships Elisa is most certainly one of the most outstanding female martial artists USA has ever developed.

Rising Star02 Her teacher is Sensei Kotaka. He is a former an all Japan Champion in the 1960’s has taken Elisa from the time she was 6 years of age and turned her into not just a champion in sparring and kata but also he has molded her into a role model for all the young female martial artists out there.

Elisa has taken the many training secrets of Kotaka Sensei and developed them to a higher standard then most. She has added the knowledge of modern sport physiology to become the one to beat in traditional karate.

So what she has done is taken the strength and co-ordinations drills that they use to develop speed and power and applied them to traditional karate. She has come up with a winning formula for success.

When I as a karate instructor myself look at Elisa I can not help but think how proud Sensei Kotaka must be of her and how she has become not just technically excellent and a champion.sept06.20 risingstar02

Rising Sun Productions was fortunate enough to enlist Elisa as one of our instructors and she has created a series of DVD’s second to none that will show you all her exercises and training drills plus her competitions techniques she uses to be the best woman competitor in the world today bar none.

Rising Star03 The series SECRETS OF CHAMPIONSHIP KARATE has six DVD’s in it including beginner forms and advanced forms plus beginner kumite and advanced Black Belt Kumite. She has also created one DVD that deals with just her training and drills that she uses.

In summary Elisa is one of the Young Guns in traditional karate that could save it from possible extinction in the next generation.