Submitted by: Harrison Luke

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When Gene LeBell is invited…  Choke-Out01 The legendary “Judo” Gene LeBell (WBB Founding Member) was one of the select guests at Bob Wall’s birthday celebration. “Master” Gene LeBell was grappling decades before it gained popularity in the United States. The party’s guest list was a who’s who in the martial arts. As it has happened many times before it seems that there’s always one person in the group who challenges Gene LeBell’s reputation to easily put someone to “sleep”. This party was no exception.

Choke-Out02 The “skeptic”, (who shall remain nameless) sept06.20 chokeout02became the main attraction as the party moved to a larger area for the demonstration. Gene LeBell proceeded to put the standard chokehold on the unbelieving guest. For those of us who witnessed the choke-out for the first time became a little anxious when the doubter drifted into unconsciousness. Before the “lights went out” the skeptic’s involuntary reaction had him shaking uncontrollably. Then Gene LeBell just let him slide from his grip and sat him gently to the floor. As fast as the “Master” put him out he brought him back. Many people in the past have felt privileged to have been choked-out by the “Master” Gene LeBell. The majority of those who have had their lights put out generally have no recollection of the incident. Just like others before him our skeptical guest woke up and thanked him for the lesson.

All of the guests were mesmerized as if “Master” Gene LeBell just performed a magic trick. He is an amazing man and a living legend that continues to work in films and pass on his knowledge of martial arts. Mr. LeBell regularly teaches judo on Monday nights in Southern California.