New years goal will be to communicate more, I get nice newsletters from youth ministries and they are all pro and nice, with great stories. We have stories, but I just can’t get myself to “ prop” these kids up and put their pictures and stories out publically. The relationship[s we build are 100% trust based and we have to be like grand parents – we’ll challenge you when you screw up, but we will be there for you too.

It’s hard to do news letters etc. describing what we do working with “at risk and stupid” young adults. Can’t put these stories out there, but want our supporters to know more about Champions of Life mentoring with martial arts, tough love and undeserved kindness!

So for now I will do a few emails so you can share the victories and be encouraged and know we are grateful for those who help us in our “ black ops” ministry.

This kid will be straightened out within hours of his visit to our altar! ( outdoor ring, also have indoor dojo )

These are just some of the posts left, many lots worse from this kid before I made him delete them. His dad is karate guy, buddy from way back, kid ( 20 something) was in IHOP Internship, somehow went to California and got stupid. I apologize for his language. Just included a few of his posts, the worse where I commented and started a conversation have been deleted. But I have the end of our private conversation. I (you) sent him Western Union $ and he will be traveling back to KC and soon bouncing off those ropes!

I’ll let you know how this and other stories end. I ask all our mentors and supporters keep these private.

Sensei Jim