“Smart Kids Move” will combine the sports industry (Martial Arts) with the education industry (Academic Performance) for the benefit of children. The people we are attracting are parents who will want to enroll their children in a martial arts program designed to provide all the traditional benefits of martial arts (discipline, respect, confidence, coordination and self protection) tied into a clinical proven, patent pending system designed specifically to increase cognitive function, intellectual ability and academic performance.

“Smart Kids Move” is a company introducing a patent pending program where martial arts school owners incorporate a unique but very simple short and intermittent drills during a martial arts class which have been shown clinically to measurably increase cognitive function, intellectual ability and academic performance. The martial arts curriculum is not changed or disrupted at all and the drills are all academically oriented.

The patent pending program is called the "Advanced Dynamic Learning Using Martial Arts"
The target audience responsible for generating revenue will be the martial arts schools themselves. The owners of these schools (all different martial arts from all over the world) will participate with Smart Kids Move for two reasons:
1. School owners will be able to differentiate their martial arts programs from others by including a patent pending academic focused enhancement program into their curriculum with minimal time and effort.
2. School owners will be able to promote their schools and enroll new additional students through the national and eventually international marketing program using the PHIT America’s non-profit infomercial with already millions of dollars in commitment in free air time from such networks as NBC, History Channel, Discovery Channel and others. This free airtime is provided by these networks as a public service announcement.
The end target audience is the parent or grandparents who recognizes the advantages of the "Advanced Dynamic Learning Using Martial Arts" program. The marketing will focus on educating parents on the patent pending Smart Kids Move program carrying the "seal" of Smart Kids Move focused on improving academic performance and martial arts. These schools in turn, will be our clients because we will be driving the students to them.
Those who become involved will be helping to create a legacy where all martial arts will be unified under the umbrella of improved academic performance.

Please watch this video as well to get an overview of how the marketing program will work and how the entire Smart Kids Move program will roll out:


Password is smart11move15

Dr. Rashid A. Buttar, FAAPM, FACAM, FAAIM
Medical Director, Center for Advanced Medicine and Clinical Research