I would like to invite you to the 2016 Grappling Summit.  A previous email erroroniously listed the date as March 12.  The proper date for the grappling summit is Saturday, Feb. 6

The Grappling Summit, which will be held in Morgan Hill, CA on Saturday, Feb. 6, will be a one-day seminar featuring judo, ju jitsu & wrestling groundwork.  The instructors this year are Shintaro Nakano, Lanny Clark, Alessandro Ferriera, Hans Ingebretsen, Jose Ortiz and Clayton Conrad. 

The flier and registration form are included below as attachments which you can download.  As always, if you prefer not to receive emails from me regarding our events, let me know, and I will remove you from my email list.

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See you on the mat!

Hans Ingebretsen