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The completed drawing phase of kyudo


"Big and small." Two swords, one long and the other short, worn by the samurai class in feudal Japan.


A long sword, whose cutting edge, was over 24 inches in length, as contrasted with such shorter swords as the wakizashi (18 inches.)


A term used in the Japanese martial arts for anyone who has achieved the rank of at least first-degree black belt


Part of the body just below the navel which is believed to be the source of ki


The female black belt ranks in the Filipino art arnis de mano

Deru pon

A term used to denote the winning of a judo contest in the opening seconds before a contestant has had time to adjust him or herself, or even grasped the opponent's jacket.


"Disciple" or "student."


Dancelike fighting movements used in the Indonesian martial arts, similar to karate katas.


"Way" or "path." When this term is used as a suffix to a particular style of the Japanese martial arts, it is indicitive of more than just a means of combat. Do indicates a discipline and philosophy with moral and spiritual connotations, with the ultimate aim being enlightenment.


Korean term for a martial arts uniform


Japanese term for a martial arts uniform


Tools, equipment, or instruments used in martial arts practice.


A circular ring, fifteen feet in diameter, in which sumo contests are conducted.

Dohyo iri

The ceremonial entry of the sumo champions into the arena

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