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Chong bong

See "bo."

Choong dan

"Middle" or "center." Region of the body from the neck to the waist, used to explain target areas.

Choong sim

Center of gravity

Choy li fut

One of the most popular southern Chinese kung fu systems. Choy li fut is essentially a long-range form of Chinese boxing that relies heavily on strong horse stances and graceful yet dynamic long-handed techniques


A general term used loosely to refer to a system of boxing, although it does not apply to any specific style.

Chuan fa

The major Chinese precursor of karate. Most forms of 20th century chuan fa are said to be descendents of Ch'ueh Yuan's "170 hand and foot positions."


See "choong dan."


"Warning." Admonition by a referee in a match, short of actual penalty.


The middle of the five players on a kendo team

Chung do kwan

"Blue wave school." A Korean form of empty hand fighting founded by Won Kook Lee in 1945.

Chung ga



"Middle person." The second of three ninja military ranks designating the leader of a group of ninja on assignment. Those led by chunin were the genin; those who obtained the assignment were the jonin.


Left or the left side

Corno Breton

Also known as Cornish wrestling, this form of grappling is very similar to Japanese judo. The most significant difference is that a wrestler is not permitted to go to the ground with an opponent, but must make the throw while standing.

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