Dictionary of Terms World Black Belt - H

Hosin sul

Self-defense techniques

Hsing i

"Form of mind." An internal system of kung fu emphasizing linear movement.

Hung gar

A major style of southern Chinese kung fu characterized by very hard, strong techniques and stable horse stances.

Hwa chuan

"Flowery hand system." A northern Chinese style of kung fu.


A band of Korean warriors who, much like the Japanese samurai, adhered to strict philosophical and moral codes.

Hwarang do

"Way of the flower of manhood." A native Korean philosophical code similar to Japanese bushido and possessing a structured series of physical techniques that were advocated by warriors known as the hwarang.


"Pattern," "form," or "mold." A series of prearranged offensive and defensive movements executed against imaginary attacking opponents. Also known as katas or poomse.

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