Dictionary of Terms World Black Belt - M


"Right" or "right side."

Mizu no kokoro

"Mind like water." A psychological principle of the martial arts emphasizing the need to calm the mind, much like the surface of undisturbed water, while facing an opponent.


"Water spider." A water-crossing device used by the ninja and composed of four carved pieces of wood fastened together to form a circle with a hole in the middle.


A weblike device used by the ninja. They were placed on the feet during swimming. Similar to present-day flippers


A command for returning to the original position, used in competition.


"Striking point" or "target." Weak areas of the body that can be effectively struck or kicked.


"Quiet thought." A quiet form of meditation usually performed before and after a training session in the Japanese martial arts.

Moo duk kwan

"Institute of military virtue." A style of Korean martial arts similar to Tae Kwon Do.




"Return to the original position." A command used by a referee during a karate match.


"Nothing." The Zen nothingness or emptyness. This principle is often used in the Japanese martial arts to make one clear in the mind of all thought so the body will respond instantly to any situation.


A martial arts student who has not yet attained the rank of black belt

Mui fa jeong

"Plum flower stumps." A series of tree stumps driven into the ground on top of which certain styles practice kung fu.


Chest or abdomen


The short sticks used in arnis, usually about three feet in length.

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