Shana Wall

Female Martial Artist
WBB Spokeswoman

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Update: Shana recently returned from another tour as a backup singer for Latin hearthrob Luis Miguel; this was her second tour with him. The first one, "Romances" a few years ago, they toured through South America. The tour provided her with another great opportunity to brush up on her Spanish. She had such a great time that when asked to go again, Shana said "Yes".

If you were to flip through the dictionary and look up the word Shana, this is what one would find: Beautiful, Clever, and Peaceful.  Based on this definition, it would not be surprising if there were also a picture of Shana Wall beside it.

You probably already know a lot about former world karate champion and one of WorldBlackBelt's First Founding Members, Bob Wall. But did you know that one of WorldBlackBelt's Spokeswomen and one of this month’s Featured Female Martial Artist is Bob Wall’s first-born daughter, Shana Wall?

Raised by her father, Bob and mother, Lillian, Shana grew up in Tarzana, California with her younger and equally as beautiful and talented sister, Kara who is also a WorldBlackBelt Spokeswoman. Being the daughter of Bob Wall meant that the girls grew up very involved in a martial arts environment, attending tournaments, private lessons, frequently visiting Chuck Norris's schools and studying Karate weekly. “As a girl, I wasn’t really interested in studying Karate, but I did it anyway to appease my dad. I was great with form and technique, but was not very fond of sparring”, Shana told me.

Eventually she stopped studying Karate altogether until one day after graduating from high school, something changed her attitude regarding martial arts for good. “I was coming out of a restaurant with a friend when a group of  drunk, unruly women were looking to get into an altercation and I happened to be in the wrong place at the right time.” Shana says she got out of the situation unscathed, but it was a reality check. “I recall thinking,  I am  Bob Wall’s daughter and I have all of this martial arts training offered to me, it would be ridiculous for me not to be able to defend myself should the situation arise.” Since that eye opening experience, she began to study kickboxing regularly with David Krapes, a WorldBlackBelt Founding Member in Tarzana. Today she still studies with David, as well as taking regular kickboxing classes at her gym.  “It’s a great skill to have as well as a phenomenal work-out for mind and body. I absolutely love it”, she says.

While karate may not have been her favorite past time, Shana is a very athletic girl. She first stepped on snow ski's at the age of 6 and has been skiing yearly ever since. She also loves water skiing, tennis and most of all gymnastics. “I studied gymnastics about four times a week growing up and competed regularly. Gymnastics was the sport that I absolutely loved”, she stated.

Peace of mind and physical fitness are important in Shana’s career as well. Acting, modeling, being a spokesperson for World Black Belt and writing are Shana's career choices and also her passion. She is currently writing for various projects that we anticipate seeing soon.

In her downtime you may find Shana spending time with her 2 cats; Lucy and Chloe, or spending time with her good friends. My favorite thing to do is to go out for good authentic Mexican food with my good friends or my family.”

Whether it be kickboxing at the gym. shooting a television show, writing or eating with her friends, Shana Wall is always on the go, enjoying every minute of her life.

If you would like to contact Shana Wall you may do so at

Be sure to check out the WBB Mall featuring her most recent ad campaigns.

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